“I definitely gained some valuable insights and ideas from the Brekky session” If there’s one thing I’m sure of after my most recent speaking event it is this – the groundswell of Australian businesses interested in Offshoring is growing at an exponential rate! On April 6 I hosted a Breakfast launch for the upcoming University […]

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In 2013 the marketing agency that I’d built up successfully over six years was starting to struggle. Due to a number of factors the business suffered a 22% decline in revenue in six months. It was clear to me we were heading for trouble if I didn’t take action. At this lowest ebb I decided […]

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According to IBISWorld, it’s estimated that over 2015-16, revenues from Australian business process outsourcing will climb to $31.4 Billion. It’s also known that 25% of the total outsourcing market is now taken up by small and medium enterprises that are using services like payroll and back office support. It’s clear that the global labour market […]

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